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Unakite Bracelet


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Approx Size : 10.08 mm

No. of Beads : 18

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An Unakite bracelet is a type of jewelry made with Unakite gemstones. Unakite is a semi-precious stone that is usually a blend of two minerals: pink feldspar and green epidote. The name “Unakite” is derived from the Unaka Mountains of Tennessee, USA, where the stone was first discovered.

Unakite is known for its unique mottled appearance, which combines various shades of green and pink. The green color is due to the presence of epidote, while the pink color comes from the feldspar. Sometimes, it may also have areas of white quartz mixed in.

The gemstone is believed to have various metaphysical and healing properties, including promoting emotional balance, facilitating emotional healing, and enhancing spiritual growth. Some people also use Unakite to aid with decision-making, stress relief, and fostering a sense of patience and perseverance.

Unakite bracelets are popular not only for their potential healing properties but also for their attractive appearance. They are typically made by stringing together polished Unakite beads on an elastic band, making them easy to put on and remove from the wrist.

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