Smokeless T-Light Candles Long burning(4.5 hours)


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Product Name: Smokeless T-Light Candles

Total Number Of Candles: 50

Approx Burning Time: 4.5 hours

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Smokeless T-light candles are a type of small, decorative, and often scented candles that are designed to produce minimal or no smoke when burning. They are called “T-light” candles because of their shape, which resembles the letter “T.”

The typical T-light candle consists of a small metal or plastic cup that holds a small amount of wax, usually in the shape of a cylinder or disc. A cotton wick is placed in the center of the wax, which is lit to create a small flame. As the wax melts and is consumed by the flame, the candle provides a soft and subtle glow.

The term “smokeless” refers to the fact that these candles are designed to minimize the amount of smoke produced during burning. When high-quality wax and wicks are used, and the candles are placed in well-ventilated areas away from drafts, they are less likely to produce noticeable smoke.


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