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Locket Shree Kuber Yantra (Copper)


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A Kuber Yantra is a sacred geometric diagram or symbol used in Hinduism and Vedic astrology, dedicated to Lord Kubera, the Hindu god of wealth and prosperity. Here is a short description of the Kuber Yantra:

  1. Geometric Design: The Kuber Yantra typically features a specific geometric design, often including squares and other geometric shapes, arranged in a symmetrical and visually appealing manner.
  2. Central Symbol: At the center of the Yantra, there is usually a symbol representing Lord Kubera. This symbolizes the deity’s presence and blessings.
  3. Purpose: The primary purpose of the Kuber Yantra is to attract wealth, financial abundance, and material prosperity. It is believed to remove financial obstacles and bestow blessings related to material abundance.
  4. Worship and Activation: To activate the Yantra’s power, it can be worshipped with devotion. This may involve lighting incense, offering prayers, and reciting mantras associated with Lord Kubera. The Yantra is often placed in a sacred space or altar.
  5. Placement: Many people place the Kuber Yantra in their homes, offices, or places of business, preferably in the northern direction, which is associated with wealth and abundance in Vastu Shastra, a traditional Indian system of architecture.
  6. Belief and Faith: The use of the Kuber Yantra is rooted in the belief that it can help individuals focus their intentions and energies on attracting financial prosperity, provided they approach it with faith and devotion.
  7. Symbolism: Lord Kubera is symbolic of wealth and abundance. The Kuber Yantra represents the presence and blessings of Lord Kubera in one’s life, inviting financial well-being and prosperity.

The Kuber Yantra is used by individuals who follow Hinduism or have a particular reverence for Lord Kubera. It serves as a tool for focusing one’s intentions and energies on wealth and prosperity, with the belief that it can enhance financial success and abundance.


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