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Locket Shree Ketu Yantra (Copper)


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A Ketu Yantra is a sacred geometric diagram or symbol used in Hinduism and Vedic astrology. It is dedicated to the celestial body known as Ketu, which is considered one of the nine planets (Navagrahas) in Hindu astrology. Ketu is often associated with spiritual evolution, mysticism, and liberation from worldly attachments. The Ketu Yantra is believed to help individuals mitigate the malefic effects of Ketu and promote spiritual growth. Here is a short description of the Ketu Yantra:

  1. Geometric Design: The Ketu Yantra features a specific geometric design, typically consisting of a central point or bindu (dot) surrounded by various interconnected triangles, squares, and circles.
  2. Central Bindu: At the center of the Yantra, there is usually a bindu representing Ketu. This bindu symbolizes the focal point of spiritual evolution and inner transformation.
  3. Surrounding Patterns: Surrounding the central bindu, there are often intricate patterns and geometric shapes. These patterns may include triangles and squares designed to enhance the energy of Ketu.
  4. Purpose: The primary purpose of the Ketu Yantra is to help individuals overcome the challenges associated with Ketu’s influence in their astrological chart. It is believed to promote spiritual growth, inner wisdom, and the detachment necessary for spiritual progress.
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