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Locket Shree Budh Yantra (Copper)


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A Budh Yantra, also known as a Mercury Yantra, is a sacred geometric diagram or symbol used in Hinduism and Vedic astrology. It is dedicated to Lord Budha (Mercury), one of the nine celestial bodies known as Navagrahas in Hindu astrology. Lord Budha represents the planet Mercury and is associated with intellect, communication, learning, and wisdom. The Budha Yantra is believed to harness the positive energies of Mercury and enhance these aspects in a person’s life. Here is a description of the Budha Yantra:

  1. Geometric Design: The Budha Yantra features a specific geometric design, typically consisting of a central point or bindu (dot) surrounded by a series of interlocking triangles, squares, and circles.
  2. Central Bindu: At the center of the Yantra, there is usually a bindu representing Lord Budha. This bindu symbolizes the focal point of wisdom and intelligence.
  3. Surrounding Patterns: Surrounding the central bindu, there are often intricate patterns and geometric shapes. These patterns may include triangles, squares, and circles, all designed to enhance the energy of Mercury.
  4. Purpose: The primary purpose of the Budha Yantra is to harness the positive attributes associated with Mercury, such as improved communication skills, intelligence, analytical thinking, and learning abilities.
  5. Worship and Activation: To activate the Yantra’s power, it can be worshipped with devotion. This may involve lighting incense, offering prayers, and reciting mantras associated with Lord Budha. The Yantra is often placed in a sacred space or altar.
  6. Placement: The Budha Yantra is commonly placed in homes, offices, or study spaces to promote intellectual growth and enhance communication skills. The direction and placement may vary based on individual beliefs and practices.
  7. Belief and Faith: The use of the Budha Yantra is rooted in the belief that it can help individuals overcome obstacles related to communication and learning while fostering clarity of thought and intelligence.
  8. Symbolism: Lord Budha is symbolic of intellect, logic, and communication. The Budha Yantra represents the presence and blessings of Mercury in one’s life, encouraging mental clarity and wisdom.

The Budha Yantra is used by individuals who follow Hinduism or have a particular reverence for Lord Budha. It serves as a tool for focusing one’s intentions and energies on intellectual growth, improved communication, and the pursuit of knowledge by harnessing the power of Mercurye.


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