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Petrified Wood Pendant


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Approx Size : 42 mm

Approx Weight : 17.60 gm

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1 in stock

  • The Petrified wood stone helps to adopt changes in life and stimulates patience.
  • The energies of the gemstone help to understand the potential behind the change and also the time is taken to develop the change.
  • The stone helps the one who is working as an archeologist or historian.
  • A petrified wood pendant is a piece of jewelry that features a slice or polished piece of petrified wood as its central focal point. Petrified wood is a fascinating and beautiful fossilized material formed over millions of years when trees or tree-like plants are buried and mineral-rich water replaces the organic material with minerals, turning the wood into stone. The process of petrification preserves the original wood structure but changes its composition to minerals like quartz, agate, or chalcedony.
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