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Rudraksha Siddh Mala Indonesian in Silver ( 1 to 14 Mukhi )


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14 Beads

1 Bead – One Mukhi Indian

1 Bead – Two Mukhi Indonesian

1 Bead – Three Mukhi Indonesian

1 Bead- Four Mukhi Indonesian

1 Bead – Five Mukhi Indonesian

1 Bead- Six Mukhi Indonesian

1 Bead – Seven Mukhi Indonesian

1 Bead – Eight Mukhi Indonesian

1 Bead – Nine Mukhi Indonesian

1 Bead – Ten Mukhi Indonesian

1 Bead – Eleven Mukhi Indonesian

1 Bead – Twelve Mukhi Indonesian

1 Bead – Thirteen Mukhi Indonesian

1 Bead – Fourteen Mukhi Indonesian

With Silver Strip

 35,000.00  59,500.00

1 in stock


Rudraksha Siddha mala is believed to have various spiritual and health benefits in Hinduism and other Eastern traditions. Here are some commonly attributed benefits:

Spiritual Growth: Wearing a Rudraksha Siddha mala is thought to enhance spiritual growth and development. It is believed to create a protective cocoon around the wearer, helping them on their spiritual journey.

Stress Reduction: Rudraksha beads are said to have a calming effect on the mind and body. They may help reduce stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions, promoting a sense of tranquility.

Concentration and Focus: The mala is often used during meditation to aid in concentration and focus. It is believed that the beads have the power to enhance one’s mental clarity and sharpen the mind.

Balancing Energy: Different faces or mukhis of Rudraksha beads are associated with specific energies. Wearing a Siddha mala is thought to help balance these energies within the body, promoting overall well-being.

Health Benefits: Some believe that wearing Rudraksha Siddha mala can have positive effects on the physical body. It may help regulate blood pressure, improve digestion, and boost the immune system.

Protection: Rudraksha beads are often considered a symbol of protection. Wearing the mala is believed to create a shield against negative energies and provide a sense of security.

Harmony and Unity: The mala is associated with the Hindu god Shiva and is believed to bring about a sense of unity and harmony. It is said to help establish a connection between the wearer and the divine.

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