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Emerald Crystal Rough

The Panna stone also helps in increasing focus and concentration. Therefore it is particularly helpful for students. If you have slow learners at home or kids who are not picking up well in studies, consult an astrologer and let them wear a panna stone. If the conditions in their horoscope suits wearing a panna stone, you will see them pick up well in studies within a very short time.

10 gm

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The wearer of the Panna stone can distinctively see an increase in his/her creativity, linguistic skills, and artistic talents. The wearer is also able to ideate and innovate in a much more efficient manner after wearing this stone. Therefore people who need to work with ideas can greatly benefit from this stone.
The Panna stone is known to help in handling speech related difficulties, allergies, nervous disorders, and respiratory related ailments. People suffering from any of these difficulties can wear panna stone to reap its ultimate benefits and recover from all these troubles.
Wearing the Panna stone results in intellectual progress as intelligence is the area of Lord Mercury – The Ruler of this gemstone. This planet helps an individual derive a balanced perspective, gives him/her better grasping power thereby getting a better understanding of life and its experiences. If you are therefore pining for a superior intellect, you can bank on the powers of this stone.
If you choose to wear a panna stone, it must be done after consulting an astrologer as well as gemologist. While an astrologer will let you know whether this is your lucky stone, a gemologist will help you identify the right stone. However, beware of fake gemologists who will misguide you into landing on a fake stone.
People with a particular kind of Mercury in their position are advised to wear panna stone as this stone can help trap the powers of Mercury. After wearing a panna stone, people have seen their prospects and luck soar up like mercury.
Individuals suffering from stammering or lack confidence in public speaking, wear the panna stone to see a remarkable improvement in their communication skills. Wearing this stone will help climb up the ladder of success within a very short time with the blessings of Mercury planet.
If you are dreaming of becoming a great orator with a clear and lucid style of communicating, then you can think of wearing a Emerald panna stone and see your communication power tremendously increase. This is because Mercury is the ruling planet of speech and this stone helps attract the powerful vibrations from this planet and supply it in good measures for you.
Shun away all kinds of emotional toxicity by choosing the Panna stone. People who have undergone bad personal experiences and have felt betrayed or cheated should seek guidance from an expert on the usage of the Emerald gemstone. This will help heal the scars and bring calmness and composition to their lives.

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