Deep Aura Cleanser Spray


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100 ml

Away from Sunlight keep it cool and dry place


Use This spray in the open area, means going to the balcony, garden, or roof top.

sprinkle on your body


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This is one of the strong aura cleansers provided by the Energy Healing organisation, which has the capacity to break the traumas, insomnia, heavy stress and even frustration form the etheric body and hence relaxes the person in short span of time. It is very helpful for people habitual to heavy stress level and are suffering from sleeplessness or sleep disorder due to tension, stress etc.


It cleans aura and chakras at deep levels and strengthen the aura and releases negative energies and gives soothing effects. During its trial days it was found that people who were prescribed the dose of sleep in pills had a remarkable reduction in their sleeping pill dose after regular use of this spray, and those who were on light dosage, got almost rid from their medicinal consumption.


Its very easy to use, and one just has to spray it slightly on the palms, head, and spinal cord so that it covers all the seven major energy centers known as chakras.


At times it may be necessary to have a shower to cleanse your auric field or energy body if the healing has brought up a lot of negative energy or you have done many healings in one day. If you have done several healings, there tends to be a build up which needs to be cleansed and cleared both from the healing area and your own energy field. So for this purpose we can use Deep Aura cleanser to release or clears off the negative impact of the energies released by others.


During the healing, it is not uncommon for the healer to become aware of this negative energy clinging to their hands and arms, and they may even have to stop and clean it off. It may feel uncomfortable and perhaps may make the healer ache a little. This is why it is absolutely vital for the healer to clean their chakras and aura so that negative energies does not remain in their aura and create problems with their own personal energy flows.

This energy clearing must be thorough, otherwise packets of negative energy will remain and eventually create unpleasant vibrations. This cleansing process is very important in making sure that you do not take on the negativity of others….their problems, their emotions or their illnesses.

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