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Black Obsidian ( Rough Crystal )


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Black Obsidian is another type of volcanic glass, similar to Mahogany Obsidian, but it is entirely black or may have a slight sheen due to the presence of small mineral crystals. Like other forms of Obsidian, it is formed when lava cools rapidly without sufficient time for crystal growth.

Black Obsidian has been used for various purposes throughout history, from making sharp tools and weapons in ancient times to its use in modern jewelry and spiritual practices. It holds significant metaphysical and healing properties, making it a popular gemstone in the realm of crystal healing. Some key characteristics and uses of Black Obsidian include:

  1. Protection and Grounding: Black Obsidian is known for its powerful protective properties. It is believed to create a shield around the wearer, guarding against negative energies, psychic attacks, and emotional draining. It is also considered a grounding stone, helping to anchor one’s energy to the Earth.
  2. Psychic Cleansing: Black Obsidian is thought to aid in the release of negative emotions, such as anger, fear, and resentment. It is used for psychic cleansing, helping individuals confront and heal deep-seated emotional issues.
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