Aura Cleanser Spray


Away from Sunlight keep it cool and dry place


AURA CLEANSER is a generous, and balanced formula that cleanses negative or blocked energies. It works equally effectively in your personal energy field (aura), home, office, classroom, healing room, pets, crystals, gems, rudraksha, personal items  like regularly worn ornaments/jewellery, glasses etc or sacred tools. Because the Aura Cleanser also renews energy connections, rebuilds joy, and rebalances after cleansing, using it is a delightfully renewing and uplifting experience. Healers and individuals who are energy sensitive use it to refresh themselves and  rebuild their protection from other people’s energies, to clear their healing rooms and help their clients release and move forward. The lightness and joy it brings can be very wonderful. 

It’s very easy to use, and one just has to spray it slightly on the palms, head, and spinal cord so that it covers all the seven major energy centers known as chakras.

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