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7 Chakra stone


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1 Layer Necklace

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Carnelian isĘa reddish gemstone. It is a variety ofĘchalcedony, a type of quartz. It varies from semi-opaque to translucent, and it can be various shades of red or amber. When it is variegated or banded (meaning the stone shows stripes of white), it is sometimes called agate.

Lapis is a healing stone that has been used for centuries to promote physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It is believed to be a powerful stone for protection, inner strength, and wisdom. Lapis can help you access your higher self, allowing you to make better decisions and gain clarity. It also helps with communication by allowing you to express yourself more clearly and honestly. Lapis is known for its ability to bring out the truth in any situation, making it an ideal stone for those seeking clarity or guidance in difficult times.

CitrineŃtheĘtransparent, pale yellow to brownish orange variety of quartzŃis rare in nature. In the days before modern gemology, its tawny color caused it to be confused with topaz.

Bloodstone isĘthe dark-green variety of the mineralĘchalcedony, which is a kind of microcrystalline quartz. The red spots in bloodstone are flecks of jasper, another kind of quartz. Historically, bloodstone has been used to make carvings and statues, with its red flecks often being used to represent blood.

Green aventurine isĘa type of translucent quartz that gets its green color from a concentration of fuchsite inclusions. (Different types of inclusions can result in different colors.) A majority of the green aventurine mined today is found in India, though it’s also been found in China and the state of Vermont.

White agate isĘa stone of balance and release. It is credited with harmonizing an individual’s feminine and masculine sides, helping the body release toxins and building the immune system.

Smoky amethyst elestials have have beautiful, complex patterns of color. They have a strong energy for healing, balancing the physical body with the ethereal energies. This paves the way for deep healing on all levels. Realigning your physical and emotional bodies releases old patterns which often holds you back from progressing on your spiritual path. Their energy helps to dispel depression including lack of physical energy depression can cause.

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