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Rudraksha Jaap Mala (5 Mukhi, Indonesian, Medium Quality)


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Approx Length: 14 inches

Approx Bead Size: 6 mm

Number Of Beads: 108

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Rudraksha Mala

A rudraksha mala is a necklace made up of Rudraksha beads of similar or different kinds like one Mukhi, Ganesha, or other higher rudraksha worn in a single form using a thread or in gold or silver chain for getting enhanced effects of rudraksha. It is mainly used for wearing or for Japa or recitation of mantras but the rudraksha mala which is used for wearing is not used for Japa.

Sometimes different mukhis or faces of rudraksha beads are used to make the rudraksha mala like a combination of one Mukhi, two Mukhi, or three Mukhi rudraksha beads. As each different rudraksha beads hold different energy and represent different deities and their controlling elements and planets. A combination of different mukhis rudraksha is used to balance different problems related to your health, happiness, mental peace, etc.

Benefits Of Rudraksha Mala

Energizing Chakras A Rudraksha mala which is worn in the form of a necklace holds its special meaning as the necklace passes through the heart chakra, it also radiates its effect on chakras situated below and above it. Each faced rudraksh has a chakra associated with it and when worn, it helps in balancing and healing that chakra.

For Controlling Negative Planetary Effects, It removes the negative effects of planets on its wearer and strengthens his planetary connections. It is the only spiritual gadget available on the planet which helps in the dissolution of negative karmas associated with a planet in the horoscope which is a unique and unparalleled aspect of it.

For Gaining Good Health And Prosperity Different mukhis malas can be used to get different effects related to health, wealth, and prosperity in life. Wearing rudraksha mala can also help to keep oneself calm, collected, and self-controlled in their life. It is also useful in gaining concentration and focus in meditation as used by the ancient sages across India.

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