14 Mukhi Light Brown Indonesian (18 mm)

Ruling Deity : MAHADEV

Ruling Planet : MANGAL


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Lord Shiva Himself blesses this Rudraksha, and it is said to be directly created from Lord Shiva eyes. Therefore, it’s a special rudraksha. It’s called controller as Ajna Chakra (Medulla Plexus), that is found between the eyebrows. Devas and brahmins idolise one who wears this Rudraksha on the forehead and at last, gets nirvana (freedom from cycles of birth). It helps in the activation of the Ajna Chakra and so helps in increasing visualisations power. It’s just like the pineal eye of Lord Shiva and allows individuals to guard themselves and create correct judgment in each action they arrange. The Ajna Chakra has the form of lighted two-leaf water lily, has the word ham, ksnam residing in it, its beej tatva (seed element) is Om, the Loka is the faucet, Yantra is like Linga (phallus), and also the ruling god is Lord Shiva.

It is same that the user of fourteen Mukhi rudraksha gains Shiva-shakti-pind, which means he or she’s going to imbibe Sakti Peeth and Jyotirlinga. The user purifies the ancestors and brings fame and purity to the forefathers. This Rudraksha not solely improves this, however, sets right the past and makes the long run fully expected and positive.

It’s conjointly thought-about as having a type of Hanuman. Lord Shiva took birth as Hanuman to assist Lord Ram in search of Seeta and to defeat the demon Ravan. As son of mother Anjani, Hanuman visited the Sun and learnt from him all the humanities and practices. As a type of Hindu deity, Hanuman’s total life is devoted to the welfare of excellent individuals and for the destruction of evil forces. he’s entirely dedicated to Lord Ram. He’s conjointly packed with intelligence and maybe a forceful speechmaker and an efficient ambassador of Lord Ram. A user of fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha gets all blessings from Lord Hanuman. This Rudraksha conjointly helps in increasing secretions of the eight chakras (Vishnu chakra).

From the healthful viewpoint, this Rudraksha is effective against diseases of the organs like heart, eyes, skin, female internal reproductive organ and mind and in ulcers and for sexual weakness. 

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