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1 Mukhi Light Brown Indonisian Rudraksha (9 mm)


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One Face Rudraksha

Symbol of : Lord Shiva

Ruling Planet : Sun

Ruling God: Omkar

Recommended for :

Recommended for : Diseases of Heart, Blood, Veins, Headache, Heart Disease and Right Eye Defect.Influence on body organ: Pineal, Pituitary, Optic chiasma, Hypothalamus.

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109 in stock


Way of Wearing

Ek mukhi Rudraksha should be capped with GOLD or silver and should be worn around the neck or be placed at the worshiping place.


This fulfills desires and starts to dilute the problems and impediments created by the Government or superiors to a great degree. It raises the persona of the wearer and leadership qualities are developed by its constant use. In astrology it is also used to nullify the malefic effects of Sun.

Who should wear?

Any person who seeks to empower Sun for him astrologically or to neutralise its malefic  effects. Those seeking devotion to God and want to bring down their attachments to the worldly things and hoping to attain moksha, can easily benefit from this Rudraksh.

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