1- What are the benefits of crystals in skincare?

Crystals are believed to help balance and align energy centers in the body, promoting a sense of harmony and well-being.While each type
of crystal has its distinctive powers, they generally can help soothe, balance, enhance and heal your skin. Some do so by increasing circulation
to the top layers of you skin, which encourages more rapid cell
regeneration and reveals a bright, healthy and vibrant complexion.

2-What are the benefits of crystals in your home?

For years, people have placed crystals in their homes to ward off negative energy, improve sleep, encourage prosperity, and create harmony.
Placing crystals in your home will help you maintain positive energy in your sacred space, where you unwind at the end of every tedious day.

3-Are crystals made from nature?

In nature, crystals can form when liquid rock, called magma, cools. If it cools slowly, then crystals may form. Many valuable crystals such as diamonds,
rubies, and emeralds form this way. Another way crystals form is when water evaporates from a mixture.

4- Is it good to keep Yantra at home?

A Vastu yantra prohibits negativity from entering the home. It spreads a protective shield encompassing the home and thereby brings positivity into the home.
It fights against the negative forces of the environment and helps maintain harmony within the members of the family.

5- Are Your Products Authentic?

Yes, The Happy Healing Store offers 100% overall genuine products. All products are chiefly curated by our team of experts to ensure complete efficacy and satisfaction. You can rest assured that every Happy Healing product is of the highest quality.

6-Do You Have Test Results?

Our products are regularly tested for purity and quality to validate our products, therefore being the top products available on the market. We encourage customers to conduct individual testing to prove our overall quality standards for themselves.

7- How Do I Contact Customer Support?

You can contact our customer support on our energyhealingproducts.com
Thank you for your patience and understanding.