About Us

Energy healing products is a platform offering a range of products empowered with healing capabilities to every house on the planet . It is the modern version of ancient healing practises which had their place in the daily life of every common family in the ancient times. The broad range of products offered by the organisation encompasses diminishing of the bhoomi dosha to the etheric pollution in one’s aura. Initiated with the soul agenda of healing the surrounding of all the individuals who use these products at different levels, offers some or the other products helpfull to almost all the age groups. Counting from the aura cleansers, which cleans the aura(etheric body) of the individual who has used it, at different extents depending on the cleanser which one has used, there are products like massage oils of different kind which have a great medicinal value, and are available for various purposes. The range of products offered also encircles the crystals and gems which are being used since ancient times for their various effects on the individual and surrounding. The essence (dhoop/sambrani) which the organisation provides is prepared without using the chemicals and is totally herbal with the capacity of rectifying various etheric pollution in the surrouding for a period of time where it has been lighted, and relaxing the people by its soothing smell.